March 2014
Vision was formulated to have an innovative services organization focused on user experience.
October 2014
Inception of TransSight.
TransSight signs its first contract to prepare commercialization plan for SBIR funded product.
November 2014
TransSight signs technical advisory contract to support transit fare collection system and work initiated.
TransSight signs tolling business support contract with industry known services company.
December 2014
Another contract is signed to prepare commercialization plan for one more SBIR funded product.
April 2015
TransSight signs Program Management services contract.
July 2015
TransSight wins traveler information system integration and support contract.
November 2015
TransSight technical team initiates traveler information system integration.
TransSight signs Digital Signs Project Management services contract.
March 2016
TransSight wins Express Lanes and 511 operational services contract.
April 2016
TransSight initiates work on 511 operational services.
June 2016
TransSight launches NextGen 511 system.
TransSight delivers commercialization.
July 2016
TransSight starts NextGen 511 Operational Services.
TransSight gets selected for Electronic Payment System bench contract.