August 2020. - Transit leader TransSIGHT named to HOLO Card service manager contract

SAN FRANCISCO--The city and county of Honolulu’s Department of Transportation Services (DTS) has awarded its HOLO Card service manager contract to Ulu HI-Tech and subcontractor TransSIGHT, a leading transit and revenue collection systems company with more than 100 years of collective professional experience.

The contract involves managing the HOLO card system, customer service, field device management, performance management, contract administration, and strategic planning.

HOLO means to “ride,” “go,” or “flow” in Hawaiian. HOLO card, an integrated mass transit fare system, offers seamless travel through the network and across different transit modes. Currently offered on TheBus, the new contractwill expand the card’s use to the Honolulu Rail and Handi-Van in 2021, and toother city-managed services in the future.

As the HOLO Card Service Manager, TransSIGHT—a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)—will provide program management, strategic leadership, change management support, system integrator oversight, quality assurance, data warehouse and analytics, reporting, and overall direction and guidance.

“This is an exciting partnership for TransSIGHT, a leader in transportation information and management systems, that will benefit everyone involved inthis project, including patrons of the HOLO Card service,” TransSIGHT President Satinder Bhalla said. “We’re confident we can deliver state of the art service and take the HOLO Card even further in the future by expanding itto other transit operators and offering such enhancements as Open Payment,mobile-driven system, and Mobility as a Service.”

TransSIGHT is a global leader in technology development, integration, and systems operations that includes major Transit Systems, Revenue Collection Systems, and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) projects. It offers multiple services and solutions to the transportation market, including project management, technical advisory services, strategic planning, implementation services, managed services, and cutting-edge solutions.

TransSIGHT partners on the HOLO Card Service Manager contract include:

Ulu HI-Tech is a Native Hawaiian, woman-owned organization with extensive program and IT management, field services, logistics, and coordination experience in Hawaii.
Poukihi, a local Hawaiian financial services company, will perform account and reconciliation services and overall financial services.
HI Tech Hui , a cybersecurity and infrastructure services company, will provide cybersecurity support, service desk, small equipment field services, and call center services.

For more information about the HOLO Card program, contact TransSIGHT at